The Just Society Project

The Just Society Law & Education Center (JSLEC), a 501(c)(3) public interest aw firm founded by Donald J. McTigue & Mark A. McGinnis, works to identify actions or failures to act by the public and private sectors that result in social injustice against groups or individuals and attempts to eliminate the injustices through actions in the courts and before executive branch agencies and through direct mediation efforts. In so doing, JSLEC will take a broad view of the many causes of injustice in society and will provide legal representation to underserved members of the society in order to benefit the public generally.  JSLEC can arrange for the pro bono expert assistance of members of the legal community based on the nature of a legal action and will provide necessary funding for expenses associated with such legal action.  In order to avoid confusion with a particular private law firm, individuals will provide program services at their own locations through the organization. In order to ensure that litigation can reasonably be said to be representative of a broad public interest, all litigation projects will be approved by at least a quorum of the governing board.  This governing board will be representative of the public interest, and not be controlled by employees or persons who are the primary litigators on behalf of the organization.  All legal representation will be without charge to the client or clients.  The organization will accept fees awarded or approved by a court or administrative agency in accordance with applicable legal guidelines if paid by an opposing party.  The likelihood or probability of fee awards will not be considered in the selection of cases. 
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